07 mai 2010

the distance

I always stood 22-year-old passer-by on a high platform into the distance in life, such as wind and rain like Menghuanpaoying youth, in memory of engraved prints on the wall likembt shoe little mottled, when we extend the hands of an increasingly hoarse whisper gently touching sigh , we have already no longer young! -

I do not want to fall asleep in the night to write a long story of those days, those days all the laissez-faire uninhibited young and frivolous, all accompanied by the four seasons spring and autumn sun and the moon around, all mountain board with Wang Jin busy, all the cheers laughter and tears in their eyes, PCCW. -

when I opened the log inside a friend's album, casually pressing the mouse, Zhang was a sudden movement of freeze-frame the moment, one scene of happy or sad, or fragments of the fireworks-like in my mind quietly Zhan Fang also quietly fall, and finally the quiet solitude and darkness. Those days, we have gradually grown up, those days we began to get steady, quiet, in those days we swear up with head held high ... ...

Who is the story, I do not know what day, I do not clear. I hide in the abyss of the season, the flowers and the night listening to singing softly, feel the gentle breeze curtains, white Shazhang wanton drift swing. Here is the rainy season, rain where we have to rush through it, Mino rain clouds of life, left to Love 似水. Wheat fields in the absence of rain the summer thirst hope and pray hard, that straw hunter waiting day and night, in the golden country where the advent of such late autumn harvest will eventually chlorosis, I know that the coming year, they are still as golden as mature as I know that the coming year, migratory birds return, flowers again opened, I will smell their breath, such as killing their days evasive manner, listening to their voices, such as fragmentation. -

those days ... ... to every heart miss a passion back, it might be our anti shoefriends, promise, and perhaps have our hard work, perhaps have our ignorant of the affair, and perhaps have our Bitter memories of ... ... everything is just right for me to commemorate! -

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past and present, we all like to use to describe today's earth-shaking. Are willing to live today Sincerely, words of praise. So in the past like? Why do the people of that era also praise of the life? May have had the glory, because we do not experience the significant bleak, because we do not see loss of feeling; perhaps only personal experience, can we perceive its changes and great.

comparative identification only. Everybody Loves compared with the past, in fact, since ancient times are so over, sum up experience and look to the future, wake up the survival power of consciousness. If we compare young people now, the middle-aged compared to the past; if the son is now compared to his father and grandfather compared to the past; if his own childhood compared to the past, today more than his own into the present; if the to follow other people's thinking to go compared to the past, to use their own thinking, reading to the real world compared to now. Who, then, to compare the results of the left? Comparison of short-term and long-term practice, such as stroke wave of history, has been in the roar, Ebb Tide, we can only hear a voice in the echo.

in the past is history, present to the future, today is a true practice. Have gone through in order to compare to embrace the practice today is the unknown. Maybe we have the same feelings, "a process, why did\Perfect, very little matter. This is because we do not understand this world, because we do not have the capacity of foresight, because of their potential for development is still quite poor, as two eyes can only look forward, the back who does not care about losing anything. When future generations of experience as a reminder, this wheel has been the distance with a cloud of flying. Has walked the streets because no one able to repair. Leaving a lot of doubts have been sealed submerged in thick mud, the past and present can not escape, and will also repeat the follow-up Noir. Perhaps the rise and fall of the history of each person will remember the blue sky.

all the past, modern high-tech interpretation and reproducibility, it seems far from always the case, is still digging to find. The more valuable the more sought after the old thinking, the old and Rough dressed very delicate things, using modern interpretation of the language and customs. Tourist attractions and historic sites are the modern way of thinking of the shadow. In fact, this is a very natural thing, and we should know which point in history is not left behind footprints of human activities? Simply because modern self-confident, anxious to show their own sake, dare to defy world opinion, in the face of our ancestors to make the comparison is not respectful. Perhaps history will remember today the achievements of these Jiao child who, perhaps for future generations also innovate on this basis, perhaps a few years away on their own at the foot of the repeated and sublimation.

comparison should be the wisdom of screening. Look forward to what we ourselves are well aware, give up nothing to understand. We The People's Republic of China 60 anniversary of the birth can be seen, it is the most emotion, the language is to use changes in the performance of groups of numbers. Past and present, which turned upside down so that we remember what? Perhaps the years of relentless will rapidly and buildings of all the Chinese people with their passion to create wonderful, and perhaps the whole world is frightened that the other Mu moment, our younger generation will be dismissed as a result has not experienced, maybe they will use another kind of wisdom to show their pride.

Indeed, the way of life have achieved a lot, but also lost a lot. Many of today's ever called the country's most powerful society's stability, and people are most prosperous, the most active thinking, the more rational the brightest, the best time to achieve personal aspirations. This is the comprehensive strength results of this comparison. I think that if a comparison with himself, will come to similar conclusions. Perhaps the comparison of different ways, but the freedom, democracy, human development outcomes of science, so that the whole world-the fact that people enjoy the benefits should be the best description.

in the past is not easy, and now brilliant. The people with the wisdom and sweat condensation of the song of victory! The face of endless tide of history, in the face of our own glorious history that point to recall the past and looking ahead, we use what kind ofanti shoes attitude corresponds to this society, perhaps we are still options!

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